Kenya Hope Provides Sponsorship and Biblical Teaching to Widows in Kenya Through ‘Widows Might Program’

Kenya Hope’s ministry is reaching impoverished areas of Kenya through a unique method. The organization forges partnerships between American and Kenyan churches in support and prayer.

“Our goal is to build relationships within these communities, build relationships with the churches, and also build a relationship with people that sponsor to direct individuals within these communities,” Kenya Hope’s Joy Mueller says.

Churches around the US — including California, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania — are partnering with churches in rural and needy communities in Kenya because of Kenya Hope.

Mueller says the organization often finds partner churches in the US and Kenya through divine serendipity. “Many times, it’s God just bringing people across our path and building that relationship and finding the churches that have that same heart vision to reach the world, not just locally, but globally.”

As Kenya Hope links churches across oceans, they put an emphasized focus on sponsorship for their Widows Might Program in Kenya, which both individuals and churches in the US can support.

Through the Widows Might Program, Kenyan widows receive monthly food assistance, five goats to begin a self-sustaining herd, skills training, and biblical teaching.

Mueller points out the need for widow sponsorship in Kenya is significant.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lindsay Steele