Joshua Gilmore: Reflecting on Two Weeks Spent Missioning in Uganda

Jody Jennings, VP of campus ministries at North Greenville University, leads children to VBS in Hoima, Uganda. | Courtesy of Joshua Gilmore

Under the mango tree in Hoima Uganda, roughly a hundred children gather, eagerly waiting for Vacation Bible School to begin.  Sixteen short-term missionaries from the USA raised support and traveled to minister to these precious children and their families.  The sacrifices (such as: hot showers, air conditioning, and cultural familiarity) all seemed utterly insignificant as the days passed and the relationships between the natives and the travelers cemented. 

Unlike many mission teams, this particular group of missionaries from the states did not bring their pre-planned ministry program.  The mission objective of this trip was to “come alongside” the people of Hoima and to ask them: Where would it be possible for us to step in and help?

This ministerial approach opened doors of service that were far greater than what we could have imagined from our various seats of service in the USA.  Similar to churches in the USA, select leaders from Hoima Baptist Fellowship Church wrote a Vacation Bible School curriculum and were passionately recruiting help in their community.  A group of sixteen friendly foreigners, anxious to serve, was an answer to their prayers. The Vacation Bible School program was held at two different locations in the city.  Well over a hundred families were served, and hundreds of children were acknowledged, celebrated, and deeply touched by the team’s impact.

As you would imagine, ministry happened far from the shade of the mango tree too.  The team members taught in a local high school and college, assisted a local musical artist in developing songs for his low frequency radio station, and coached young adults in how to play basketball the “American way.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Joshua Gilmore