JD Rucker: Televangelists Like Kenneth Copeland Do Not Help Spread the Gospel or God’s Word

Christians across the country and around the world face many tribulations. Even those who are not directly persecuted are often met with scorn from an increasingly unbelieving world. But among our biggest challenges is countering the false teachings of those who prefer to use the faith as a path to self-enrichment instead of focusing on spreading the Word of God.

I am not going to judge people like Kenneth Copeland on their worthiness for salvation. That is way above my pay grade. But I can say with a certainty that the way the live their lives and the form of “gospel” they spread is not in line with the teachings of the Bible or the expectations placed on the faithful. It’s discouraging, especially when secular media like Inside Edition is given opportunities to expose the greed and unfaithful lifestyles of these people who claim repeatedly to be doing the Lord’s business.

Most of the time, they are not.

It’s important to understand something about such preachers. We are called as Christians to strive to live righteously even knowing true righteousness is impossible for us to achieve. We are flawed, cursed creatures who must depend on the sacrifice of our Messiah and the love of our Father to escape the eternal damnation we all deserve. This is why it’s hard for many to see through the evil machinations of people like Copeland. He sprinkles in tidbits of the Word while pressing forward with his real agenda to enrich himself.

I do not know the hearts of any of these preachers. All I can go by is their deeds, so whether they are overtaken by a spirit of antichrist to willingly share false teachings while begging widows for their life savings or if they’re simply pawns of the adversary, I am not qualified to know. I can see from their fruits, so high on the worldly end while being so minimal on the Biblical end, that they are agents of spiritual destruction.

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SOURCE: NOQ Report, JD Rucker