How ‘Somebody Cares’ Founder Doug Stringer’s Prayer for Church Unity at Mother Emanuel AME Church Four Days Before Massacre Was Answered

The spire of Mother Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, South Carolina (Facebook/Mother Emanuel AME Church – Official)

When Dr. Doug Stringer received a diagnosis of 80% aggressive, stage 4 lymphoma, the news hit him hard. He drove to a nearby parking lot where he spent time “talking to God, shedding some tears, asking questions,” he says.

But when the minister and director of Houston’s Somebody Cares Outreach went home, he acted on what the Lord had told him. And that obedience soon had an impact that extended farther than he ever anticipated, he says on the “Hope Through Cancer” series on Charisma News.Stringer told his family that instead of focusing on the cancer, “Let’s turn this into a time to pray, to intercede for the church of America to find healing, to be awakened, so we can be a blessing to the nations.”

“I realized I could sit home and I can cry. I can process. I can quit. If I quit, the devil wins,” he says. So he determined to fulfill his ministry obligations as best he could, one of which was coordinating one of several prayer gatherings that pulled together pastors “to cross racial, denominational, generational lines and meet at the cross of Christ,” Stringer says.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Marti Pieper