Greg Sukert: An Israeli Jew Makes an Appeal for His Nation to Believe in Jesus Christ

Amir Tsarfati

An Israeli citizen and speaker is shocking his nation with an inspiring appeal for his kinsmen to believe in Jesus Christ.

Amir Tsarfati was born in Jerusalem to parents who, like many Israeli Jews, only casually practiced Orthodox Judaism on holidays. When Amir was still young, his family fell apart and abandoned him to foster care.

Tragically, Amir fell victim to horrific abuse in the foster-care system. By ten years old, he had already lived with three different families. He had food and a roof over his head, but no love.

Having no real family and no hope for the future, Amir decided to end his life.

When he was about to commit suicide, he was suddenly compelled to give the world one last chance. That week, he visited his friend’s family, where he heard them end their dinner prayer with “B’shem Yeshua (In the name of Jesus).”

Amir was shocked. Why pray in the name of Jesus? Jews believe in the God of Israel. Is God not enough?

God used this moment to start Amir on a journey that would miraculously bring him to faith in Jesus Christ. Although Amir grew up attending the synagogue every holiday, he really didn’t know much about God or the Messiah. Now, he confessed Jesus as his personal Messiah. Now, Amir had hope. His life was forever changed.

While serving his mandatory time in the Israeli Defense Force, he saw God’s hand of protection. God continued to grow him and granted him favor as a major in the IDF Reserve. Amir then went on to serve as a tour guide in Israel, which he has been doing for the last twenty years. In 2001, he became founder and president of Behold Israel – a non-profit ministry proclaiming Jesus Christ within the powerful context of Bible history and prophecy.

Today Amir is making an inspiring appeal to his Jewish kinsmen through a collaboration with the evangelistic ministry Anchored North.

“Everything in Scripture points to the Messiah as Israel’s only hope. This poignant video is an amazing resource to minister to the Jewish people,” says Amir Tsarfati.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Greg Sukert