“For Haiti With Love” Works Amidst Protests and Diminishing Resources to Treat Frequent Burn Victims in Port-au-Prince

Google the word “Haiti” right now, and you’ll see pictures of protests and burning cars. Haitians in the streets of Port-au-Prince are angry about corruption and poverty. Is the whole country up-in-arms?

For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart says “no.”

“Up north, it’s pretty much back to life as normal because Cap Haitian is more on the ‘survival’ level,” she says.

“Life is tough, and… they don’t want to make it tougher.”

How protests affect ministry

Even though Cap Haitian – For Haiti With Love’s location – lies approximately 150 miles north of Port-au-Prince, unrest in the capital city still affects ministry there. For example, riots in March caused For Haiti With Love to lose the help of two short-term medical teams coming from the U.S.

“You get flexible when you’re hurting in the mission field, and particularly in Haiti,” DeHart explains. “You just take a deep breath and say, ‘It isn’t going to happen that way, so what do we do next?’”

The answer for DeHart and her in-country staff is ‘carry on’ in whatever capacity they can. Help lighten the burden with a financial gift here.

“Our burn clinic is still very active; we still have a limited program. We provide homes for [the] homeless whenever we have the funding.”

Every interaction provides an opportunity to share the Gospel in word and deed. This often means ministering to the parents of a burned child, DeHart says. “You pray with them… and then you treat the child, and you try to talk to them (the parents) about safety,” she explains.

“Of the burn patients that we had last month, 44 of them were under five.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth