Florida Church Holding Three-Day ‘Make America Straight Again’ Event to Oppose Homosexuality Because ‘the Bible Tells Us That It’s Wrong’

A Lake County church — whose preacher calls homosexuality “not a normal lifestyle” and advocates for the arrest and execution of lesbians and gays — is planning to hold a three-day “Make America Straight Again” event beginning Friday.

Pastor Patrick Boyle of the Revival Baptist Church of Orlando, which is housed in a small shopping center on U.S. Highway 27 in Four Corners, wouldn’t reveal the location of the gathering because he said he doesn’t want to invite protesters.

“We’re not trying to pick a fight,” Boyle said Thursday.

A Facebook notice of a protest planned for Saturday against the event lists 38 people as saying they’re going and 155 interested as of Thursday afternoon.

An organizer posted about hoping for “at least a small band of us to stand outside the church in firm (yet loving) opposition to blatant discrimination and intolerance.”

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office rejected a request from Boyle to hire off-duty deputies to work security at the event because the conference disparages gays.

“It looks like a hate group, and we decided we didn’t want to be involved,” Lt. John Herrell said. “We reserve the right to turn down a request [to hire off-duty deputies] for any reason or no reason.”

The church’s website describes it as “an Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible, Soul winning, Baptist church…”

The church, which is less than a mile north of U.S. Highway 192, is affiliated with the New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement, “a title to identify churches and believers from around the world who take the word of God seriously,” according to the group’s website.

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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel, Martin E. Comas