Doctors Said Jordan Ford Would Never Speak; Now He’s 7-Years-Old, Has Beat the Odds by Faith, and Written a Book About His Challengesto Help Inspire Others

Jordan Ford of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a published author at just 7-years-old. 

It’s an amazing accomplishment considering he was unable to speak the first four years of his life.

His book called, The Plane Who Couldn’t Fly, is about staying grounded in faith when challenges come – seemingly a page taken from Jordan’s own life.

His parents, who are devout Christians, taught their son about faith and to never give up.

“When Jordan was born, he had many different challenges as far as speech and language,” Jordan’s father, Raphael Ford told CBN News. “People wanted to label him and say that he wouldn’t be able to speak.”

He added, “Our faith in God wouldn’t allow that to happen and my wife and I proactively enrolled him in speech therapy, occupational therapy and we never gave up on our faith in God.”

Jordan’s life is a testimony to the power of faith and perseverance.

“Today Jordan is at the top of his class,” his father said.

Jordan explained that he wanted to share his story in the hopes that it would inspire others.

“I had wrote it because I wanted people to know that they can be anything they want to be,” he said.

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SOURCE: CBN News, Charlene Aaron