“Continuing Relational Challenges”: New Book by Gary McCants Sr.

Continuing Relational Challenges  by Gary J. McCants Sr
Continuing Relational Challenges, by Gary McCants Sr.

I am back and welcome to my new book, Continuing Relational Challenges!

This book will show you the various individuals you will daily meet that will represent the human family. Women and Men that you will have decide to “trust” in order to form some type of relationship. My book will not answer the questions for you; but, will offer the questions to you in the hopes of causing you to ponder, meditate, search, or take whatever proper steps are needed to ensure you do not become an unwittingly romance or relationship victim.

I also hope while you are searching for a trustworthy individual that you are one as well; because, that is what relationships are for — placing X-amount of “trust” in the other person who eventually may become your partner, lover, mate, business associate, etc. So, here is my first question for you, the reader: Can we trust each other . . . really?

Continuing Relational Challenges is now available on Amazon.