As Ramadan Comes to an End, Pray for God to Open the Hearts of Muslims Around the World to Jesus Christ

Tomorrow is the last day of Ramadan — a month of daytime fasting for the Muslim world as they seek Allah’s favor. Eid al-Fitr, a holiday marking the end of Ramadan, begins tonight. Muslims will gather to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with feasting and prayer.

“It’s part of gaining [Allah’s] smile, gaining his approval through their works,” says Perry LaHaie with Frontiers USA. “They’re so intensely focused during this time, I think it’s a time they’re more open to hearing something from God.”

We’ve asked you to pray during Ramadan for Muslim men and women to find spiritual truth in the God of the Bible. As the Islamic holy month wraps up with a time of fervent prayers to Allah, there is no better time for Christians to be praying for Muslims to encounter Jesus.

“This is the mystery of prayer. God calls us to pray and He moves through our prayers…. As believers all across the world focus prayers during this time, He hears our prayers and He reveals Himself to Muslims and He answers our prayers.”

Frontiers works among Islamic people groups around the world to introduce them to the Gospel and plant churches. They frequently hear stories from the mission field of how God is moving through prayer.

LaHaie shares the story of Miriam, a believer from a Muslim background discipled by Frontiers workers. Miriam’s uncle Samir was not a Christian and when she heard he was dying, she went to visit him.

“She was hoping to have an opportunity to share the Good News with him, but there just wasn’t an opportunity because the relatives were gathered in his room around his bed and there just wasn’t that chance to do it. So she felt like she needed to go back home. She went in to say her goodbye to Uncle Samir and said, ‘I’ll be back. I’ll come back and visit you.’”

Miriam went to leave but after she walked out, a cousin ran after her and told her Uncle Samir just died. Miriam immediately went back.

“There was grieving, there’s morning, there’s wailing, and she feels prompted in her heart to pray for him. She’s thinking, ‘This is crazy.’ Her palms are sweaty [and] she’s wondering, ‘What in the world can a prayer do?’ But she had been discipled by Frontiers workers to follow God’s prompts.

“So she just prayed in the Name of Jesus for her uncle Samir. Color returned to his face and he started breathing. Not only that — he was healed from the sickness he had!”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News