Arizona Church Works to Reach Seniors With the Gospel

Just off historic Route 66 in the heart of downtown Kingman, you will find Oak Street Baptist Church. This church, like so much of the rest of old Route 66, may seem to be out of date and forgotten. However, this is not the case. God is moving, and this congregation is growing in amazing ways.

When Pastor Jerry Dunn and his wife, Lynda, arrived in May 2010, the congregation had dwindled to about 20 members.

Early on, the Dunns, and the remaining members, tried to reach out to the families in Kingman without much success. Then, following a discussion with Tommy Thomas, director of evangelism/missions for River Valley Association at that time, Dunn felt called to cast a vision to transform Oak Street Baptist Church into an active senior adult church.

“Once this vision was cast and captured, the congregation grew immediately,” Dunn says.

The church has baptized 32 seniors between the ages of 65 and 92 who have come to know Christ.

Janet Fischer is one of them. At the age of 82, she had never been invited to church nor read the Bible and only knew Jesus as someone related to Christmas. She connected with the Oak Street community of believers and, following eight weeks of intentional evangelism, gave her life to Christ and was baptized.

Brenda Sorenson came to Kingman to reconnect with the sister she had been separated from since childhood. She bought a house across the street from her sister, a member of the church, and was welcomed with open arms into this community of believers. At age 72, Brenda gave her life to Christ and was baptized.

“It’s never too late to give your life to Jesus,” Sorenson says. “I felt welcomed and loved.”

This congregation purposes to evangelize, disciple and grow leaders in their twilight years. At a time in life when many seniors feel left out or left behind, Oak Street’s mission is to develop a church in which senior adults can grow, thrive and serve.

This congregation of 55- to 92-year-old retirees finds commonality in a love of the traditional hymns, old-style Biblical preaching and a love of missions.

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Source: Baptist Press