Alabama Man Posed as Uber Driver to Abduct Drunk Women

Tommy Wayne Beard, 62

An Alabama man who posed as an Uber driver to pick up intoxicated women has been charged with kidnapping and could face additional crimes in connection with his predatory scheme.

Tommy Wayne Beard, 62, targeted young women who became inebriated after spending time at bars in Tuscaloosa. Beard, seen below, lives in Northport, a Tuscaloosa suburb.

Beard was first arrested in March after a sheriff’s deputy spotted a “suspicious vehicle” parked on the side of a highway around 1:30 AM. As recounted in a court filing, when the cop spoke to Beard, who was outside the vehicle, the suspect “appeared to have an erection.”

Subsequent investigation determined that Beard was wearing “fully erect artificial male genitalia.”

While questioning Beard, deputies saw “a young, college-aged female unconscious in the back seat of Beard’s vehicle.” Beard, cops say, identified himself as an Uber driver and said he was taking the female passenger home.

But when officers woke the woman–a 22-year-old University of Alabama student–she could only recall leaving a downtown Tuscaloosa bar. While the woman lived only half-a-mile from the bar, she was found in Beard’s car nearly seven miles away from where she had been picked up. The vehicle had been stopped by police less than a quarter-mile from Beard’s residence.

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SOURCE: The Smoking Gun