After Wife Was Diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer, Missionary Couple Decided to Return to Kenya

Nate and Kim seemed the perfect missionary candidates. They were both committed believers and physicians, Nate, an internist specializing in HIV, and Kim, an obstetrician. They moved to Kenya to serve in a hospital in Kijabe. The adoptive parents of four children, they eventually came back to the States on their first furlough.

That’s when Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer, says the couple’s friend, general surgeon Dr. Charles Page, on the “Hope Through Cancer” series on Charisma News. “So there they were … they had given their life to the Lord to serve people. And come to find out that after she finished her treatment, we found out that Kim had metastatic breast cancer. The cancer went to her bone.

“So they were faced with this dilemma. … So after a lot of prayer, Nate and Kim decided to go back to Africa and continue to serve.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Mart Pieper