Adam Greenway Shares Vision for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

During Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary annual alumni and friends’ luncheon, attendees heard for the first time from newly elected President Adam W. Greenway, himself an alumnus of the seminary.

Greenway began by sharing his desire “to bring the Southwestern family back together, where every alumnus, every alumna feels loved and valued and appreciated by their alma mater.”

“Because, ultimately,” he said, “Southwestern Seminary is not a beautiful campus; it is a family of people whom God has called together into relationship.”

In the roughly 100 days since he was elected as Southwestern’s president, Greenway said he has aimed to reinvigorate “the incredible history and heritage, the vision and legacy” that extend all the way back to the seminary’s founder, B.H. Carroll.

“Continuing in that long line of faithfulness,” Greenway said, “what we desire to do is to see our seminary be the seminary where pastors and missionaries and church staff members and others are trained and raised up by God to make an impact here in North America and to the ends of the earth.”

Greenway said this has involved “making some very strategic decisions” and having “serious discussions” with his administration and with the seminary’s trustees “about how to recalibrate some things related to our business model, related to our academic model.”

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Source: Baptist Press