14 Free Donut Deals for June 7 National Donut Day


Alright, friends. I have some very, very exciting news to share with you all. In case you’ve somehow missed the news, tomorrow is National Donut Day. Or, as I like to call it, the single greatest 24 hours of the entire year. Here’s where to score the best freebies:

1. Considering Dunkin’s name used to be Dunkin’ Donuts, this is kind of a no-brainer. Buy ANY drink purchase (may I suggest the Coolatta) and you’ll score a free donut right with it.

2. Ummm, it wouldn’t be National Donut Day without a classic glazed. Krispy Kreme is planning to give away 1 million (free) donuts tomorrow, and tbh, I’ll prob try to swindle at least 500k myself.

3. Wanna get real festive? The World Hostess Donettes Eating Championship is tomorrow in Austin, TX. And though, no, it doesn’t look like free donuts are involved for spectators, why wouldn’t you wanna watch top-ranked speed eaters like Joey Chestnut down an excessive amount? Prizes are totaling $8,000, so the stakes are high.

4. Apparently Walmart heard about Krispy Kreme’s 1 million donut giveaway and wanted to out do ’em. They’e got 1.2 million donuts on deck for free. Just stop by the bakery section and score a glazed. Limit is one per person. Trust me, I asked.

5. Iconic L.A. dougnuttery (that’s a word, okurrr) Bob’s is offering a free donut for every six purchased. Sure, you’ll have to travel to the L.A. Farmer’s Market stand if you’re dying to try them, but like, worth it. These guys have been around for 48 years—they know what they’re doing.

6. Stan’s Donuts (AKA my personal all time fave) is giving away a free glazed cake donut with any purchase. Get the pistachio and don’t ask questions—it’s life changing.

7. Duck Donuts is throwing a beach bash, which includes free donuts for all guests, so we should all probably attend.

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SOURCE: Delish, Megan Schaltegger