Women & Work Forum to Include Jen Wilkin & Tami Heim as Speakers

Jen Wilkin | Tami Heim

“Stepping into Kingdom Productivity” will be the theme of a Women & Work Forum at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 11, in the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex Forum Theatre, Level 2, during the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Birmingham, Ala.

Speakers at the forum will include author and Bible teacher Jen Wilkin of The Village Church in Dallas, and Tami Heim, president and CEO of the Christian Leadership Alliance.

Heim, quoted in a Women & Work news release, noted, “Throughout Scripture and history, women of faith have effectively co-labored to advance the Gospel wherever they served. In this present day, it is no different. To be faithful stewards of God’s gifts, women must embrace where they are and how God is leading them to walk in the plans the Father has already prepared.”

Women & Work launched in 2018, hosting its first forum during the SBC annual meeting in Dallas.

Women & Work exists “to see women confidently step into their God-given calling and view their work as meaningful to the Kingdom of God” and “to inspire women to honor God, image Him through their work, and leverage their potential for His glory,” according to the organization’s news release.

Women & Work holds a complementarian viewpoint, cited as one of their six values, the news release stated. “They recognize and honor the distinctions God designed between men and women and their differing roles in the home and church, and celebrate work as an opportunity to express the equality of the two genders, especially as it provides a space for women to freely operate in the fullness of who God made them to be.”

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Source: Baptist Press