Why I Remain Catholic

To enter into covenant with God means to take Him at face value and direct your faith completely in good. I will try to tell my story without any embellishment. I hope my confession will move you forward to the main question in your life: “Why I remain Catholic?”

What is a religion? The question that can be hardly answered by different cultures and people equally. Once I was asked why I remain Catholic, and at that very moment, I gave a serious thought to my faith.

I thought that my religion was a set of designated rules we all had to follow, a system of ethics and practices that originated from the sacred laws long ago. But it turned to be much deeper. I’ve started my own research to answer all the questions which have suddenly arisen in my soul. I will share here the information I find to be useful and close to everybody who believes in God, whether he/she is church-going Catholic or non church going.

Catholicism started as the earliest Christian religion with Jesus who strongly believed in God. He is believed by lots of the faithful to be risen from the dead after being killed by Romans. Being Catholic means you understand clear and follow the Ten Commandments. These ten words explain us the whole life, the way we were meant to live. They are simple and yet complicated at the same time. Living a life without wars, murders, and thefts is very important to make everybody happy, but not always possible. Usually, I try to remind of the Commandments to myself as well as to my friend and relatives when I see that something is going wrong with our doings or behavior.

I searched for some catholic books and essay writing help to read and find more information related to my question. To my surprise, there was a plenty of books and magazines I could read about Catholicism not only in the library but over the Internet as well. It’s great that there are a lot of books for children and teens as they can be encouraged by the sacred words written there. The most important book is a Holy Bible, without a doubt. It contains the words God says to us. When I’m reading a Bible, I hear some of the most powerful words sound in my ears: “I am the way, the truth, and the life”.

What I do like about Catholic Church is integrity. The integrity of our words and our deeds, mind, and body makes us all a unified humanity. Catholic prayers are prayers for peace. They are quite tolerant of other religions, same-sex issues, and abortion.

I kept looking for the answers to understand why I am and remain Catholic. I asked several people who changed their religion to Catholicism. Some of them told me they found the Catholic Church environment to be inviting and welcoming. What they thought about a new place is that they can feel as a part of a community there. A culture of inclusion is crucially important for modern society as many diverse people can feel engaged and confident as being alongside others who have a strong faith in God.

I acknowledge belief in God as well as I acknowledge the traditional spiritual values and convictions. Faith in goodness powers my life. Kindness and fairness are the essential values of all humanity.  The Catholic Church is relevant to everyday life as it provides, for example, programs that support people who are getting a divorce. They are very close to the problems people face.

I remain Catholic as Jesus helps me make my choices in life. Most people would say they take their decisions because they are informed on what is correct and what is wrong. But I know that it is God who helps them do this. He shows the proper way and gives specific instructions to make up one’s mind on doing something. I had a lot of moments in my life when I doubted or questioned the truth of my decisions but I asked God for guidance and got the true answer. I always recommend my friends to ask Jesus about favor with God as my appeals really helped and help me.

The history of the Catholic Church is very consistent and sequential that it reveals all the questions people asked during more than 2000 years. And the answers continue to be relevant in 21st century, and I think they continue to be relevant for lots of future generations as well. The writings of the saints teach us to be kind, tolerant, and forgiving to others as well as to suffer fools gladly. The writings teach us also to accept our lives as a unique gift that we should spend on doing good. Moreover, our pain, tears, and suffering must be accepted as a gift as well because only living these emotions and feelings we can understand how precious our life is.

Jesus teaches humans to recognize him in people who are side by side. I always try to see good personality traits first. All people are diverse and we have to learn to accept them as they are even if their deeds, cultural background, or race differs from ours. It doesn’t mean you have to deviate from your own stances! Just listen to what the others think or say and you will see how important it is to understand various points of view. Some opinions may change the way you perceive the world.

Music in Catholic mass is an integral part of the church. Music unites the faithful in the name of Jesus. Music is what differs Catholicism from the other religions as it has a long history, just keep in mind Marian Vespers. I am fond of music as through music God can talk to us.

Being Catholic means having a strong desire and longing for religion and faith. I stay Catholic as my heart is always open to God as well as His heart is open to me. I keep going to church as I wish to feel restful and feel at peace with all the world. All problems go away when I start praying. Church gives me that feeling of communion with people having the same faith and discipline. My family is Catholic and I consider them to be a gift given to me, the same they consider me to be a gift given to them. We are united not only by blood but also by our religion. We are very pleased to have an opportunity of forgathering with friends on holidays. In our minds, this is Jesus who unites our family.

What if I were devoted to another faith that is quite different from Christianity? Being raised by Christian parents I can’t even presume what if… Since my childhood, I have gone to mass and prayed there alongside others as if I were alone at home. Usually, I feel special on a mass as it is a perfect place to express your love to God, to pray, to communicate with those who are cut from the same cloth.

Believing in God makes me a hundred percent confident in my words and deeds. They both coincide with each other. I am certain that somebody from above helps me see reason for everything around me and lets me behave like a man of sense. It is Grace of God when you are certain that you will not allow yourself to offend or hurt one’s feeling with a slam or betrayal. Sometimes I act in more altruistic ways, for example in the cases when I see a person who is in sore need of help. Volunteering and social work promote goodness that is why I consider that all Biblists must be volunteers to help others who having adversity. Usually, I collect some clothes or toys for penurious families, share my food, or just speak to those who need a piece of advice in life. I try to treat people the way I would like them to treat me.

No matter what faith people have, I am quite tolerant of them. I respect points of view expressed by other human beings as I understand that only our hearts choose the paths we would like to follow. And what is the most important about my question that I am not alone in my thoughts and doubts. Everybody will have a day in his/her life when he asks himself “Why I remain Catholic?” It’s an excellent way to find out a little bit more about yourself, to get the answers you need to understand the faithful.

Bryan Davis is an essay writer. He is Catholic who strongly trusts in God and His favor. Bryan has written a lot of essays on the religious topics as he wants to impart his knowledge and feelings to others. Bryan is a passionate blogger as well. He knows how to grasp his readers’ attention with a compelling story full of true and vivid life examples.