What’s Going On? Texas Police Try to Arrest a Black Father in His Own Backyard After Mistaking Him for a Wanted Criminal From Louisiana

Police in Texas attempted to arrest a black man in his own yard as he played with his children after mistaking him for a different black man who had a warrant out for his arrest.

Clarence Evans uploaded a video of the arrest to social media on May 8, where he accuses the police of racial profiling after they tried to handcuff him as he played in his front yard with his children.

In the tense clip, Deputy Garrett Lindley from the Harris County Police Department can be seen holding Evan’s arm behind his back, and repeatedly calling him by a different name, insisting he has a warrant out for his arrest in Louisiana.

‘You don’t know my name, so how can you tell me I have a warrant in Louisiana?’ Evans asks the officer.

During the five minute long exchange, the white deputy repeatedly asks to see Evans’ ID, referring to him as ‘Quentin’ – the name of the fugitive – and questions him about a stolen dog.

‘My name is not Quentin,’ Evans says while refusing to show his identification. ‘No, I’m not going to be the next [black person] you kill, no.’

‘I’m not going to let you put me in handcuffs…You’re in my yard, on my property…you need to step back and calm down’ Evans adds.

Shortly afterwards, another officer pulls up outside the home in Houston and shows Evans a photograph of the man they’re said to be searching for.

‘Doesn’t that look a lot like you?’ Deputy Lindley can be heard asking.

‘No, that don’t look like me,’ Evans retorts, later elaborating in his caption of the video that the officers had shown him a photo of a black man with dreadlocks who appeared to be over 50-years-old.

‘What are you trying to say?’ the father-of-two continues. ‘I look like him because I’ve got dreads and I’m black?’

The outburst prompts the second deputy to glance once more at the photo, before separating Evans and Lindley, who can be heard saying he wants to file a report on the incident as he walks away.

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Source: Daily Mail