WATCH: Video of 23-Year-Old Alabama Elementary School Teacher Singing Parody of Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ ‘Old Town Road’ With Her Students to Help Them Prepare for Math Test Goes Viral

Engaging: Third grade teacher Jasmine Amani Merlette (left) made up new lyrics to the song Old Town Road for her class to learn

A third grade class in Alabama has gone viral for their special ‘classroom edition’ of Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ song Old Town Road.

The kids’ teacher, Jasmine Amani Merlette, works hard to keep her class engaged and interested in learning.

So ahead of a big math test, the 23-year-old first-year teacher came up with new lyrics to the popular song and taught her eight and nine-year-olds — who perfectly performed the song in a now-viral video.

Ms. Merlette’s class at Sun Valley Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama was clearly excited about the song, which she filmed them singing last month.

‘A day in the life of Ms. Merlette,’ she captioned the video on Facebook, adding a string of hashtags: #MyClassHasBarsss #TurntUpTuesday #ThisIsOURJam #WeKILTOurStateTest #ThirdGradeShawty #YoFavoriteTeacher.

As the video begins, the boys and girls are all grinning and obviously thrilled to be singing Ms. Merlette’s special lyrics.

‘I’m gonna ace my test, I’m gonna raise my score, I’m gonna solve ’til I can’t no more,’ they sing in a new version of Billy Ray Cyrus’ chorus.

Switching to Lil Nas X’s part, they sing: ‘I got the answers in the back, scratch work is attached, pencils in my bag and I’m solvin’ mighty fast.

‘School is my task! I can do this math really quick and fast, education is that swag.

‘Can’t nobody stop me from learning, can’t stop me from learning. The wheels in my head keep churning, they just keep on churning.’

Since she posted the video on April 30, it’s been viewed 21,000 times on her page — and another five million times on the Twitter account @cocoabutterbf.

The video has continued to spread, bringing the class international attention.

Speaking to, Ms. Merlette said it’s important for her to let the kids have a say in class. She knows they like rap, so in addition to making this video, she taught them verbs and adjectives through rap battles.

‘They can have fun while learning because they deserve it. All children should because they are still children,’ she said.

‘They need us to never give up on them. Ever. We need to make sure we are doing everything we can to make learning fun and exciting for them by incorporating things they love into the curriculum, into the content, into the lessons, and into everything that is involved in schools.’

Speaking to the local Fox affiliate WBRC, she said that she’s now seen other classrooms singing her song since it went viral.

It’s even reached the singers of the original song: Billy Ray Cyrus retweeted it, and Lil Nas X gave it a shoutout on Twitter.

‘I’m cheesing hard as hell watching this. this beautiful lol,’ he wrote.

Ms. Merlette says that the rapper’s attention was the most exciting part for her students.

‘The best moment was when one of my students said, “Ms. Merlette, he saw our classroom. He saw us in our element,”‘ she said.

‘And to me that was the biggest moment ever because this is about them, this is for them. They deserve everything that is coming their way.’

She also noted that all that hard work paid off: Her kids did quite well on the math test they were studying for.

‘They killed that test. So really, I am so proud of them,’ she said.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Carly Stern