WATCH: U2’s Bono Says He Uses the Message Version of the Bible to Read With His Children

U2 frontman Bono is a big lover of books, and one of his favorites is the Bible.

Bono told “Today” host Jenna Bush that he loved reading lots of books to his children, but he specifically mentioned The Message version of the Bible translated by Eugene Peterson.

Bono had the opportunity to meet Peterson before his death in 2018. The pair collaborated on a short film about the book of Psalms.

The 20-minute film looked at how the book was a basis for their 15-year friendship and inspired Bono’s writing for his music in U2.

In the film, Bono and Peterson shared that the Psalms reveal vulnerability and honesty. Bono suggested that Christian musicians should follow David’s example and get real with their singing and songwriting.

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Source: CBN