WATCH: Dog Owner Cries with Uncontrollable Laughter when Her Dog Comes Back from Groomers with No Fur on His Hind Legs

Carli couldn’t contain her laughter when she came to pick up Ruger and he looked like he was pantless

A dog owner bursts into laughter in a hilarious video where she realises her dog has only been half shaven – making him look like he’s come back from from the groomers ‘pantless’.

Carli Cunningham, from Parkville, Missouri, had just picked up four-year-old Ruger from the groomers when the hilarity ensued.

With her usual groomer out of town, Carli tried a new one and gave her specific instructions not to shave him.

However, on picking Ruger up she was shocked to see his hind legs had been shaved to the skin, giving him the look that he’d got pants on as the rest of his body was still furry.

Carli said: ‘Ruger came running out of that back room as if he was the other man in a cheating woman’s house.

‘The damage was done and I was so mad I laughed, a lot.’

On the video that she shared Carli puts the camera on her and Ruger in the car saying: ‘He’s all done, come here Ruger.’

Laughing about the incident she goes on to say: ‘So he looks great right here….I mean as best as he can.’

As Ruger turns round you can see where he’d been shaved and she starts to laugh again and says: ‘Ruger – what happened to you buddy?’

It all started when Ruger decided to jump into the family pool that wasn’t quite ready to be opened yet to chase a frog down.

Carli said: ‘He smelled like swamp because, well that’s basically what he jumped into.

‘I was planning on just giving him a self-serve wash at the place, but the groomer there said she was super slow and would love to groom him.’

‘I agreed to have her cut his mats out and explained our groomer does a ‘teddy cut’ where she tapers his fur on his butt down and gets the mats out and thins it.

 ‘She called me about thirty minutes later and I thought well this can’t be good he takes longer than that.

‘I spoke with her on the phone and she recommended ‘starting over to the skin’.

‘I asked if she wanted to skin my Newfoundland with his double coat and she said yes because it’ll be easier.

‘I told her it’s okay if there’s patches and more skin on his legs because that’ll grow back quick but I do not want him completely shaved.

‘Well I think she just got fed up with me and decided to give him pants.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Sarah Finley