WATCH: CNN Analyst Christine Quinn Says ‘When a Woman Gets Pregnant, That Is Not a Human Being Inside of Her’

A Democrat and CNN political analyst sparked pushback on social media this week when she claimed the unborn baby growing inside a pregnant woman’s body is not a human being.

Christine Quinn made the comments during a debate over state abortion restrictions with former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum and host Chris Cuomo. Quinn was the first female speaker of the New York City Council.

“When a woman gets pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her. It’s part of her body,” Quinn said, adding that legalized abortion “is about a woman having full agency and control of her body and making decisions about her body and what is part of her body with medical professionals. Those are the facts and that is the law of the land.”

Santorum challenged her logic. By her worldview, he said, the baby is considered “chattel.”

“They can do whatever they want. They can torture the baby,” Santorum said.

Earlier, Santorum had asked Quinn and Cuomo, who is pro-choice, “A baby dies in an abortion — do you realize that? Are you ignoring that fact? That’s a reality.”

“It is biologically a human life?” Santorum asked.

“No,” Quinn answered.

Surprised by her answer, Santorum responded, “It’s in every biological textbook in the world — at conception that is a human life. … You guys talk about being the party of science. This is so anti-science.”

Quinn’s comment sparked jokes and pushback on social media.

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Source: Christian Headlines