WATCH: Church in Flint, Michigan, Honors Mothers of Children Killed by Violence

Mother’s Day is a time to rejoice, but for others including LaTonya Jones, it’s a day to grieve over the loss of her son.

“It’s hard, you know. I think of him every second of the day,” Jones said.

In July of 2015, Jones’ son TreQuan was killed in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting.

“He was starting his life, he’s got two little boys, 3 other siblings, he was just my baby, my baby boy,” Jones stated.

To help Jones overcome the pain of losing her child, she spends time reflecting at Prince of Peace Church in Flint.

And on Sunday, to honor her son and any child who has been murdered Pastor Jeffrey Hawkins and the community held a prayer.

“We’ll continue to be with them as they continue to live this day by day,” he said.

Followed by a balloon release in memory of those who lost their lives to violence.

“During this time when so many people are celebrating and they don’t feel like celebrating, they don’t feel like doing all those festivities, we just want them to know that we support them and we’re thinking about them continuously,” said Pastor Hawkins.

“This was beautiful to show him love, our family always show him love on birthdays, holidays, I show him love every day he’s there with me,” Jones stated.

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SOURCE: 25News, Alysia Burgio