“Unplanned” Producer Says Film is Basically Banned in Canada

Major film distributors in Canada are refusing to distribute “Unplanned,” banning the pro-life movie from the country, according to the film’s producers.

Landmark and Cineplex, two of the largest film distributors in Canada, have not expressed plans to show the movie, which has grossed over $18 million at the box office in the United States since late March.

“We have been effectively blocked from distributing the film in Canada,” stated producer Lisa Wheeler at a press conference earlier this year, as reported by LifeSiteNews.

Chuck Konzelman, who wrote and directed the film, told LifeSiteNews in comments published Monday that the Cineplex rejection especially was damaging.

“In Canada, Cineplex basically has monopolistic power … the National Post mentions them as controlling nearly 80 percent of all movie screens, and from our limited experience, they seem to have many of the most desirable locations, in and near the major metropolitan areas,” said Konzelman. “So rejection by Cineplex basically means we’re not playing in Canada.”

The official “Unplanned” movie Twitter account noted in a post earlier this week that the de facto ban in Canada was part of a growing problem with international distribution, which they were seeking to fight.

“Canada banned #UnPlanned. Now other nations are moving towards rejecting the film. But in less than a month, you’ve donated over $30,000 to help #WhatAbbySaw reach the world. How long til we make it 1M, & can fund an unorthodox leap to the global audience?” tweeted the account.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski