There’s a Devil Loose: Wicked Father Told Mother of His Three-Year-Old Girl ‘You’ll Never See Your Daughter Again’ Before Locking Terrified Child in the Backseat of a Burning Car and Running Away as She Burned to Death

Zoey Pereira was found in the backseat of a blazing Audi A6 sedan in Queens, New York just before 9pm on Sunday. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she died from her injuries. Authorities say Zoey’s father Martin Pereira, 39, hid from the cops a few hundred feet from where his daughter burned alive near Baisley Park Pond. Pereira (pictured left with his daughter) was treated for second- and third-degree burns before being taken into custody. He has not yet been charged in Zoey’s death, which was ruled a homicide on Monday. The father had shared a photo (right) of Zoey at a hair salon house before her death. The smoldering car is seen inset.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail