The Most British Thing Ever: UK Spies Smuggled Secrets About Russia’s New Supersonic Bomber in Pilots’ Box of Loose Leaf Tea

British spies stashed Russian defence secrets in a packet of loose leaf tea on board a Blackjack bomber travelling to Venezuela in an audacious plot.

The plans were hatched by MI6 working with the CIA and Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel, who wanted information on upgrades to the supersonic bombers.

It involved an unwitting Russian crew drinking tea during a flight from Russia to Caracas with the secrets stashed at the bottom of the packet by a Western source in the country.

The defence secrets detailed Russia’s multi-million pound upgrade for their supersonic TU-160 bombers, otherwise known as Blackjacks.

The bomber’s upgrades have transformed its defensive capabilities which make it difficult for enemy fighters to lock on to it, according to The Sunday Express.

Western air forces wanted more information about the Blackjack’s vulnerabilities and so the daring plan was hatched.

After identifying a source who could reveal such information, the intelligence agencies started working on extracting the information from Russia, without wanting to send spies to the country.

In the wake of the Novichok attack in Salisbury last year, diplomatic tensions between the West and Russia were already on the brink and the agencies had to come up with a plan to get hold of the secrets.

An answer came in an unlikely place as the spies discovered Putin was sending two Blackjacks to Venezuela in a show of support to President Nicolas Maduro in December, 2018.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail