Rick Warren Says Christians Need to ‘Learn to Love’ the Church Because ‘It’s the Only Thing That is Going to Last on This Planet’

Rick Warren speaks at the Colson Center’s Wilberforce Weekend at the Crystal Gateway Marriott hotel on Friday, May 17, 2019. | Photo: The Christian Post

Pastor Rick Warren believes that the church remains the greatest force for good on earth yet Christians don’t love it.

“One of the greatest crimes I see in our society today is a lot of Christians use the church but don’t love it,” he said on May 17 during Wilberforce Weekend at the Crystal Gateway Marriott.

“If you want to be like Jesus Christ, you must learn to love the Bride of Christ. If I were to say to you ‘I like you I just don’t like your body,’ you’d be offended. So is Jesus.”

The longtime pastor of Saddleback Church in southern California outlined several reasons why he thinks that God’s main instrument of blessing in the world His church.

Nothing is more important to God than His church, he elaborated.

“God wanted a family,” he said. “If God hadn’t wanted a church the universe would not exist … and it’s the only thing that is going to last on this planet.”

Revival has never come to the government realm, he said, receiving chuckles from the audience.

“And our hope lies not in the man we put in the White House; our hope lies in the man we put on the cross. He’s our Savior.”

He went on to list the advantages church has over every other social institution, including that the church has the largest participation, which currently numbers 2.3 billion worldwide.

“We have no reason to put our heads down in shame. The media would think that the church is a kitty but it’s a lion.”

“On one Sunday in America more people go and sit in a church service than go and sit in a professional sporting event of all kinds together in an entire year.”

The church also has the widest distribution, the pastor explained, and is therefore capable of doing more good than any other entity. The church was global before globalization was a phenomenon, he added. Warren has been to 164 nations around the world, and in many villages, the only social institution present is a church.

The church has been doing good longer than anyone else, he said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter