President Trump Commends Hungarian PM Orban For Protecting Christian Communities and Championing Christian Values

President Donald Trump praised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in front of reporters Monday at the White House.

Trump said Orban was doing “a tremendous job.”

Orban is “probably like me – a little bit controversial, but that’s okay,” Trump said before a private meeting with him in the Oval Office. “You’ve done a good job and you kept your country safe.”

Orban is somewhat a controversial figure some accuse of using his political power to limit opposition.  But he’s also supported important changes to the Hungarian constitution, protecting Christian values, including the family and the unborn.

“We are proud to stand together with the United States on fighting against illegal migration, on terrorism and to protect and help the Christian communities all around the world,” Orban said.

“You’ve been great with Christian communities,” Trump told the prime minister.  “You’ve really put a block up and we appreciate that very much.”

In 2017, CBN News Senior Reporter Dale Hurd filed the following story from Budapest about a renaissance of Christianity in Eastern Europe. 

BUDAPEST – In a time when most of Europe is in the grips of atheism, there is a nation where Christianity seems to not only be holding its own but some say is thriving.

Imagine a government that is unabashedly Christian, that thinks Christian values are worth defending, that wants to protect and even nourish the family.

Welcome to Hungary.

A Christian Nation

Hungary’s constitution is explicitly Christian and says that marriage is between one man and one woman and that life begins at conception. It even includes the phrase, “God bless the Hungarians.”

Hungary’s Faith Church, with 300 branches, is one of the largest Pentecostal churches in Europe, with 70,000 attendees.

Help for Persecuted Christians

And the Hungarian government has taken on the role of protecting Christianity. It’s even set up an office to help persecuted Christians worldwide.

When CBN News revealed the story of Sweden’s threat to deport Iranian actress Aideen Strandsson back to certain prison and torture in Islamic Iran, only one nation stepped up and offered her asylum: Hungary.

The Hungarian government says, “Taking in persecuted Christians is our moral and constitutional duty.”

Returning to Its Christian Roots

Hungarian policy analyst István Pócza says Hungary has only returned to its roots as a historic bastion of Christianity, dating back over a thousand years.

“Hungary wants to protect the European values, European Christian Jewish values,” he told CBN News.

Christianity in Hungary has survived almost 200 years of Muslim Ottoman rule and Soviet Communist domination.

Secretary of State Zoltán Kovács told us, “You have to stick to your traditions and legacies. Europe’s legacy is a Christian legacy, not necessarily in a religious form but most definitely in a cultural form.”

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Source: CBN