Police Report Alleges James MacDonald Threatened Worker With Gun, Practiced Shooting at Church Camp With Pictures of People He Didn’t Like as Targets

Embattled Harvest Bible Chapel founder James MacDonald, who allegedly sought to hire a hitman to commit murder, is also alleged to be a gun-toting bully who practiced his shooting at the church’s camp.

He once pointed a gun at a former worker who requested payment, witnesses told police.

The details were revealed in a heavily redacted report from Wilmette police in Illinois in which McDonald denied to one would-be victim that he had shopped for a contractor to murder the individual.

“MacDonald had learned of the podcast and murder for hire talk. MacDonald told [redacted] the rumors that he wanted [redacted] killed were untrue,” the report says.

The allegations regarding MacDonald’s efforts to commit murder were first reported by independent journalist Julie Roys, who cited Chicago radio personality Mancow Muller and Emmanuel “Manny” Bucur, a deacon at HBC and former confidant and volunteer bodyguard of MacDonald’s, as the individuals making the claims.

While all the names in the recently released report have been redacted except MacDonald’s, Muller confirmed that he filed the report last Thursday that triggered the investigation into the murder-for-hire allegations against MacDonald.

Concern over MacDonald was raised, according to the report, “because of his guns.”

“[Redacted] said it was well known that MacDonald is always armed. [Redacted] heard two specific stories concerning MacDonald and firearms. The church owns a large property in Michigan where they run a camp. MacDonald would shoot long guns there and used pictures of people’s spouses he disliked as targets,” the report says.

“The other example concerned a contractor working on MacDonald’s [redacted] residence. The contractor requested payment for his work, but MacDonald pointed a rifle at the man instead and pushed him down some steps,” it continues.

When witnesses were asked why they waited so long to report MacDonald, one cited fear as a major factor.

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Source: Christian Post