Planned Parenthood Helped Edit Press Release from Colo. Sec. of State’s Office

Planned Parenthood officials helped edit a press release from the Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s office before it was sent out.

KUSA-TV reports a draft of the release, which also called for a boycott of Alabama over the state’s new abortion law, was sent to Planned Parenthood for suggestions and edits.

Around two hours before it was released, Griswold’s communications director, Serena Woods, emailed a copy of the release to Whitney Phillips and Jack Teter. Phillips is the vice president of communications for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and Teter is Planned Parenthood’s political director.

According to emails obtained by KUSA-TV, Woods wrote Phillips and Teter:

“Whitney & Jack, Draft of what we are thinking attached. LMK thoughts/edits. If you could turn around as quickly as possible that would be great because SOS wants to move fast. Thanks, Serena.”

Phillips then responded to the email.

“Thanks Serena, I believe our CEO is going to call the Secretary and share some additional feedback. In the meantime, my feedback on the media release is attached. It feels to me the Election Center part is a little inside baseball for most folks and the travel authorization is a little more digestible for the mainstream/media.”

Phillips suggested two edits in the word document.

The sub-headline written by the Secretary of State’s Office originally highlighted a woman’s “right to choose.”

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Source: CBN