Piers Morgan Says “Let’s Get Real About ‘Game of Thrones,’ People: It Was Unwatchable Garbage That Promoted a Miserable, Depressing, Depraved and Barbaric View of Life”

When Trainspotting author and former heroin junkie Irvine Welsh tweeted me to say I was a ‘moron’ for saying Game of Thrones was ‘over-hyped garbage’ without ever watching it, I decided to watch some of it, just to see if my instinct was wrong. So last night, I downloaded the finale, fast-forwarded through it for a bit, and then hit ‘PLAY’. It was everything I had assumed it would be, only even worse. How could any grown adult watch this ridiculous bilge and take it remotely seriously? This is the same preposterous thing, only with the addition of sickeningly depraved sex, sleazy whorehouses, shocking incest, and witches giving birth to murderous smoke monster babies. Those who profess to love it are as bonkers as the show itself. Like I said before I even watched it, it was just fantastical over-hyped garbage.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Piers Morgan