Oklahoma Man Found Traveling With Dead Wife in Passenger’s Seat; Says She Died, but he Decided to Take her On Road Trip Anyway

A 70-year-old man was stopped on Interstate 10 in Arizona Monday with his dead wife strapped in the passenger seat.

Eloy police, in a statement released Monday, said Rodney Puckett of Oklahoma was stopped in the area of Toltec Road, south of Casa Grande, by an Eloy police detective for a traffic violation.

The officer, identified as Eloy Detective Adam Edmonds, was speaking with Puckett when he noticed a deceased woman sitting in the passenger seat, police said.

The woman was identified as Puckett’s wife, 74-year-old Linda Puckett.

Rodney Puckett explained to Edmonds that he and his wife had been on a road trip when his wife died at a hotel in Texas.

“He moved her body into their vehicle, continuing towards their destination,” the police statement said.

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SOURCE: Chris Coppola, Arizona Republic