NFL Star Kareem Hunt Gets Baptized Months After Video Showed Him Assaulting Woman

Kareem Hunt (middle-left) poses for a photo with Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens (right), Browns General Manager John Dorsey (left) and his agent, Dan Saffron (middle-right) at True Vince Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio on May 19, 2019. | Instagram/PFSAgency

With the support of his head coach and general manager, star NFL running back Kareem Hunt got baptized on Sunday just months after a video emerged showing him pushing and kicking a female at a Cleveland hotel.

The 23-year-old Hunt, an Ohio native who signed with the Cleveland Browns in February, got baptized at True Vine Baptist Church in Cleveland on Sunday.

According to The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Hunt said that his baptism was the result of him getting closer to religion as he tries to turn his life around following his release from the Kansas City Chiefs last November.

Having played with the Chiefs during his first two NFL seasons, the pro-bowl running back was cut by the team after a security video surfaced from a downtown Cleveland hotel showing him pushing and shoving a woman during an altercation in a hallway.

“I’m looking forward so I can feel reborn,’’ Hunt was quoted as saying.

To show their support, Browns General Manager John Dorsey and head coach Freddie Kitchens attended the baptism ceremony.

Hunt’s agent, Dan Saffron, posted on Instagram a picture of him, Hunt, Dorsey, and Kitchens at the ceremony. Kitchens was named the team’s new head coach this offseason

“Sunday’s watching my guy @bigreem_3 take steps,” Saffron wrote. “Love the support of his GM and Head Coach.”

Hunt will be suspended without pay for the first eight games of the 2019 NFL season due to his altercation at the hotel last June and a physical altercation that occurred at his Cleveland residence last February.

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Source: Christian Post