Here We Go: Twitter Bans Psychologist for Posting Clinical Opinions on Transgender Identity

Ray Blanchard

A psychologist who was instrumental in authoring the official position on transgender identity in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel Disorders was banned from Twitter after posting clinical opinions the social media giant deemed “hateful.”

In response to one of his Twitter followers who had inquired about his stance on transgender-identifying persons, Ray Blanchard, a Ph.D. psychologist who is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, published a thread explaining that transsexualism and more mild forms of gender dysphoria are kinds of mental disorders which may affect an individual’s ability to function.

Sex change surgeries ought not be an option for anyone under 21, he added, noting that gender dysphoria is not a sexual orientation.

The Canadian scientist served on the working group for gender dysphoria — the condition of where someone believes they are the opposite sex — for the DSM V, which is considered the authoritative source on diagnosing mental disorders.

When present in males, the condition is almost always preceded by either homosexuality or autogynephilia — sexual arousal at the thought or image of oneself as female — he continued.

“The sex of a postoperative transsexual should be analogous to a legal fiction. This legal fiction would apply to some things (e.g., sex designation on a driver’s license) but not to others (entering a sports competition as one’s adopted sex,” the psychologist concluded.

Yet the Twitter arbiters of what constitutes appropriate conduct on the platform found his opinions so out-of-bounds — even though Blanchard voiced support for sex reassignment procedures for adults as the best course for some adults provided that they were carefully screened and had been resistant to other treatments — that they locked his account. They did so under the platform’s hateful conduct policy.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter