Here We Go: Connecticut Teen Says Athletic System Is Unfair After She Lost Opportunity to Transgender Athletes

A Connecticut girl who failed to qualify for a major track and field meet due to the inclusion of transgender athletes is speaking out, saying “no one thinks it’s fair” but that most parents and athletes are hesitant to speak out.

“Everyone is afraid of retaliation from the media, from kids around their school, from other athletes, coaches, school administrators,” Selina Soule, a junior standout at Glastonbury High School, told The Daily Signal.

Soule had the eighth best time in the state this year in the women’s indoor 55-meter dash, barely missing out on the multi-state New England Championships. The runners with the top six times qualify for each event in the New England meet.

Two biological males who compete as transgender females — Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood — had the first- and second-best times in the state in the 55-meter dash. Had they not been allowed to run, Soule would have had the sixth-best time and qualified for New England — putting her in front of the eyes of college recruiters.

Terry Miller won the 55-meter dash in the state and the New England Championships. Yearwood placed second in the state and third at New England.

Soule said it’s “frustrating and heartbreaking” to compete against the duo. Miller attends Bloomfield High, while Yearwood goes to Cromwell High.

“When I’m lining up and getting into my blocks, everyone already knows the outcome. Those two athletes are going to [finish] one and two — and everyone knows it,” Soule told The Daily Signal.

The competition, she said, is for third place and below.

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Source: Christian Headlines