Google Reportedly ‘Gave $150,000 in Free Ads’ to ‘Deceptive’ Anti-Abortion Group

Google handed out $150,000 of free advertising to an anti-abortion group that deceives women into thinking it offers abortion services, but actually seeks to stop “abortion-minded women” from ending pregnancies, The Guardian reports. The Obria Group got a $120,000 Google advertising grant in 2015, according to the report, and another of $32,000 in 2011. Obria, which is reportedly funded by Catholic organizations, runs clinics across the country. Some of the group’s advertising attempts to trick women into thinking clinics provide abortion services when they’re actually against abortion and contraception. The Obria grant was reportedly awarded as part of a program to support nonprofit organizations around the world. Google refused to comment on the grant but said all recipients have to comply with its policies, including one which states groups can’t “deceive users by excluding relevant information or giving misleading information.” Obria also refused to comment on the Google grants.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Jamie Ross