‘God Literally Led Us to This Place’: Texas Pastor Credits ‘Divine Intervention’ for Miraculous Discovery of Abducted 8-Year-Old Girl

A pastor who located an 8-year-old girl abducted in Fort Worth, Texas has credited “divine intervention” for her miraculous recovery, saying God literally led him to her location.

Jeff King, pastor at Bear Creek Bible Church in Keller, helped track down Salem Sabatka after she was abducted by Michael Webb, 51, while out walking with her mother in Fort Worth on Saturday.

Video footage of the kidnapping showed the girl’s mother jumping into the grey Ford Five Hundred and desperately trying to save her daughter before Webb shoved her out and drove off.

After King, a childhood friend of Salem’s parents, heard about the incident, he and a friend began canvassing the streets of Fort Worth searching for the suspect’s car.

“I was sitting at home with my wife when a friend texted and said that our friends’ daughter had been kidnapped. All I could think is what are we going to do to help?” King told NBC DFW. “We were told by detectives the best places to check are hotels, apartments, and parks.”

The two men searched until after midnight when they got a tip from someone that they should check out a hotel in Forest Hill. After searching the car park at the tip-off location they found no sign of the suspect’s car.

However, after pulling into the Wood Springs Suites hotel, the two men saw a car that fit the description.

“God literally led us to this place. It was not on my itinerary, we were not trying to go there, we just drove by. It was divine intervention, 100 percent,” King said.

The pastor and father-of-two called the police, who then found Salem in the hotel miles away from where she had been abducted.

“It was a crazy moment. I asked police, ‘Did I hear that right? Did they find her? Is she safe?’” he said. “Then finally one officer said, ‘Yes sir, they have her.’”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett