Florida Baby Dies After Being Forgotten and Left in Her Daycare’s Van for Five Hours in 92-Degree Heat

Lancia Isaac and baby Brooklyn / GOFUNDME

A grieving Florida mother is asking for help after her 4-month-old baby, named Brooklyn, tragically died after being left in her daycare’s van for five hours.

“Her life was abruptly ended after she was left in a child care van for hours. The team of doctors and nurses did everything in their power to save my beautiful baby girl but she couldn’t be revived,” Lancia Isaac wrote on Facebook, noting that her family was “in shambles” following the tragedy.

Isaac also wrote, “I come to you all today as humble and as most importantly a grieving mother and ask for your help in helping laying my baby girl to rest.”

Isaac has set up a GoFundMe page to help her family cover the costs of Brooklyn’s funeral.

On Wednesday, Jacksonville Police received a call about an unresponsive infant at Ewing’s Love & Hope Preschool and Academy, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said in a statement on Facebook.

When emergency responders arrived on the scene, they found baby Brooklyn strapped in her car seat still inside the van. She was promptly rushed to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead, according to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The little girl was picked up earlier that day from her brought to the academy, which has an infant daycare program, in a van driven by co-owner of the facility Darryl Ewing, police said.

Ewing, 56, arrived at Love and Hope at around 8:25 a.m. and the children were “offloaded and taken into the center.”

However, the 4-month-old baby girl was left inside.

“The suspect parked the van in front of the daycare and left the vehicle unattended with the victim still strapped in her car seat in the third row of the van,” police said in the statement.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Robyn Merrett