Delaware Woman Beaten Unconscious During Vacation at Dominican Republic Resort

A Delaware woman was beaten unconscious while on a January vacation in the Dominican Republic, according to her viral Facebook post.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley of Wilmington, Delaware, posted a full account of her trip Wednesday, which ended with a five-day hospital stay. She says the attack nearly killed her, reports the Delaware News Journal, which is part of the USA TODAY Network.

“I was kicked in the head, I was beaten with a club,” Lawrence-Daley wrote. “And then strangled again for the kill.”

Lawrence-Daley shared the account along with three pictures — one that displays her normal appearance and two of her in a hospital bed with significant bruises and cuts on her face. The post has received more than 146,000 shares on Facebook.

The attack occurred at the Majestic Elegance Resort where Lawrence-Daley, her husband and two friends were staying, according to the Facebook post. She said her attacker was wearing a uniform with the resort logo but that because she couldn’t identify the attacker the resort is claiming no responsibility.

A representative from Majestic Elegance declined to comment after the Facebook post went viral and said on Thursday that an official statement will be released soon.

On the second day of their trip, Lawrence-Daley and her group returned to their rooms around 10:30 p.m. after attending a show, according to the post. She said that she then called room service multiple times but was told they were no longer serving.

She told her husband that she was going to the lounge in their building to get a snack but, according to the post, she decided to go past their lounge to the lounge in the next building, which was on the beach, to get pictures of the moon on the water.

It was in the rotunda between the two buildings, Lawrence-Daley says, that a man “plowed into her from behind” and pulled her into an unlocked maintenance room.

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SOURCE: USA Today; Delaware News Journal, Brandon Holveck