Dale Hudson Shares 12 Ways Churches Are Failing Children

We see the numbers of kids who are walking away from the church when they get out on their own.

We read the data about more and more kids adapting a secular worldview.

We hear reports that 13 percent of Gen Z kids say they are atheists.

What used to be called sin is being accepted and approved by the next generation.

We often blame the culture for leading children away from the faith, and Hollywood is considered an evil influence that wrecks kids’ faith.

We blame schools and colleges for teaching the opposite of what Christianity is about.

We even blame parents because of their lack of commitment to pass along the faith to their children.

While some of these things can and do contribute to the demise of a child’s faith, the church must also look in the mirror and see that we are a big part of the problem. We are failing kids in many areas and it becomes glaringly apparent as they grow older.

Church Problems: How the Church Is Failing Kids

  1. The church is failing to teach kids doctrine.
    We’re teaching them to be good. We are teaching them to do good. We’re teaching them character traits. But we’re not teaching them doctrine. We’re not teaching them about the Trinity. We’re not teaching them what baptism is. We’re not teaching them that the Bible is the Word of God. We’re not teaching them what the Gospel is. It’s hard to defend and share what you don’t know or understand.
  2. The church is failing kids by not giving them opportunities to serve.
    We’ve forgotten that “faith without works is dead.” We are taking kids who are anxious and ready to serve and telling them that their time will come…that they have to wait until they are grown to start serving. The problem with this is that when they grow up, since we didn’t give them opportunities to serve as children, they want no part of it when they are older.
  3. The church is failing kids by not teaching them how to walk with God.
    We are not placing the tools in their hands and showing them how to use them. They are ready to move past the spiritual baby food we’ve been giving them.
  4. The church is failing kids by not teaching them why we believe what we believe. 
    We are failing to take kids on a “deeper dive.” Their shallow faith has nothing of substance underneath the fluff. When they get to college and their faith is tested, it becomes glaringly obvious they can’t back up what they believe.
  5. The church is failing to disciple kids through relationships.
    We are shoving them in rooms with dozens of other kids where they will not have the opportunity to develop a relationship with a caring leader and other kids.
  6. The church is failing to teach kids that the Bible is God’s Word. They can’t back up the claims that the Bible is inspired and infallible.

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Source: Church Leaders