Christian Makes Plea to Remain in UK as He Could Face Death Penalty for Blasphemy if Deported Back to Pakistan

Azeem Wazir came to the UK after he was accused of dishonouring Islam in his native Pakistan

A Christian facing deportation to Pakistan where his family says he could be sentenced to the death penalty may have been offered a lifeline after a bail hearing was reportedly granted.

Azeem Wazir, who now lives in Bristol, came to the UK several years ago after he was accused of dishonouring Islam in his native Pakistan.

He has applied for asylum in the UK but his case has been denied and he is facing being deported on 10 May.

His family say if he returns he will be jailed and possibly killed, while he fears he will be murdered for his faith.

He is currently being held at Colnbrook detention centre near Heathrow Airport.

A petition calling for him to be able to stay in the UK states: “As a Pakistani Catholic he was accused of ‘dishonouring the religion of Islam, prophets, Quran and Muhammad’ and a fatwa was placed against him because of his protests against the blasphemy law and his involvement in the campaign ‘Stop Killing Christians’.

“Azeem has been targeted by Islamic extremists in Pakistan and has left family and a prosperous lifestyle in 2015 in fear of his life.

“His wife who is still in Pakistan have continued to receive threats against Azim including unknown people firing weapons outside their home and stoning the building.”

The 45-year-old had to leave behind his wife and two children to escape to the UK.

The petition statement adds: “His family expect him to be incarcerated and charged with blasphemy which carries the death penalty.

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SOURCE: Sky News, Rebecca Taylor