Catholic Scholar Pat Fagan Says Fathers Must Take Charge of Their Sons’ Sexual Education and Resist ‘Assault’ on Masculinity

Pat Fagan of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at Catholic University of America speaks at the Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Washington, D.C. on May 23, 2019. | Screengrab/Facebook

Fathers must take stewardship of their sons’ sexual education and understand that nefarious forces have long been at work to dismantle the family, warns Pat Fagan, a Catholic scholar of marriage and family.

During a panel discussion at the Watchmen on the Wall National briefing on Thursday, Fagan, director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, which is based at The Catholic University of America, unpacked the history and key players who advocated for abolishing the family unit, particularly the push to take down fathers.

“When we have weak men, our children are not protected,” Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council who moderated the panel, said in his opening remarks. He further noted that there is an all-out “assault” on masculinity.

Alongside two other panelists, Fagan began his comments by noting that “on every single outcome the federal government researches, the more people worship the more you get of the positive things on every single outcome: education, happiness, income, savings, longevity, health,” he said.

“Family structure, same thing,” he added.

When mom and dad are married raising their own kids together, the statistics reveal the best results.

“In total, on every single outcome in this country, and this should be used in every debate at every level of government. The in-tact married family that worships God weekly on everything, does best, adults and kids, no exception. And those who deny it, don’t know the data,” Fagan said.

The same holds true internationally, he continued, “including, most especially, sexual satisfaction.”

“The Left has sex totally wrong, totally wrong,” he emphasized.

Two sexual revolutions have ravaged families over the centuries, the scholar elaborated.

When the Christian faith first spread across Europe what traveled with it were in-tact families and marriages.

“Marriage was for life, divorce was not present. I’m sure some did it, but everybody knew to be a Christian was to be married [for life]. And with that came tremendous strength. And now with the retreat from marriage and the guidance of the social sciences we can see how much weaker that means. So the old rise of Europe as an international power and a great civilization depended on marriage, which was Christ’s gift,” Fagan continued.

The French Revolution was the beginning of the modern assault on the institution of marriage, which at one stage there was a prostitute on the high altar of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris with an orgy party occurring around her consisting of the revolutionary leaders, he explained. In subsequent decades, Marx and Engels with their international socialist endeavors identified the family and religion as the main obstacles that stood in their way. In 1919, when Vladmir Lenin took over Russia, marriage was abolished; it was reinstituted a decade later due to the social chaos.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter