Catholic College in Montana Restricts Pro-Life Student Group’s Social Media Posts

Even though the Roman Catholic Church teaches that all life has dignity and abortion is a moral evil, a Catholic college in Montana is dictating to its Students For Life group how they should criticize Planned Parenthood, both on campus and online.

The College Fix reports the local chapter known as “Saints for Life” group at Carroll College in Montana received an email from an administrator telling club leaders that he would be reviewing all the club’s social media posts, “including but not limited to Snapchat, Instagram, InstaStories, MySpace, and Facebook.”

All social media posts must be approved by both the administrator and the club’s adviser before being posted online, the group was told. That stipulation was approved by the college’s unanimous student senate in April, according to The Fix. If the club does not follow the student senate’s requirements, they could be decertified.

A spokesperson for the college told The Fix the administrator’s email conveyed “the policy of the Associated Students that was passed by students, not a policy of the college administration, nor was it suggested by the administration.”

Chato Hazelbaker, vice president of enrollment management and marketing, wrote in an email that the student senate decision is “under review as we have almost entirely new leadership at the college.”

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Source: CBN