California Pastor Ken Williams Says God is Moving Among LGBT People Who Want to Change Their Lifestyle Amid Battle Over Equality Act and Counseling Bans

A move of God is afoot among those who once identified as LGBT, one pastor says, as laws prohibiting counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion are being considered.

Ken Williams, co-founder of the Redding, California-based Equipped to Love explained in a phone interview with The Christian Post on Thursday that it felt like a threat was put forth last year in California with AB 2943, a bill that was ultimately withdrawn but would have banned therapies for persons with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion by classifying them as “consumer fraud.”

What ended up happening, he said, was the sparking of a movement of people who once identified as LGBT but no longer do.

“In the ’80s, when I was struggling, there was no safe person for a gay person to come out to. But today, there is no safe place for a once-gay person to come out to because of the social narrative being that LBGTQ is something to celebrate and leaving that life is controversial,” he explained.

The bill caused concern among those who had quietly found resolution to their unwanted same-sex attraction and confusion about their sexual identities and were going on and living their lives, many in heterosexual marriages with children. Williams has been married to his wife for nearly 14 years and now has four children.

“When this bill came forward all of us realized, ‘Hey, we’ve got to come forward and go public and let the world know out there that there are different options that should be protected for people.’ Because not everybody that is finding themselves with same-sex attraction or gender confusion is content to live that out, for many different reasons,” he elaborated.

“So all of a sudden there is this movement now of people who once identified as gay standing up and saying, ‘Hey world, I actually do exist and please don’t take away our rights.'”

More broadly speaking, a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit is afoot, he believes. It’s one that will be led by those who, due to the nature of their often painful journey with their sexuality, come to know God in the most intimate of ways.

“God is definitely on the move and He is passionate,” Williams said.

“For me, having had life experience of same-sex attraction and homosexuality and leaving that and having to discover at a very deep level what were the root issues … that culminated later in same-sex attraction. And having worked with as many people as I have that have left homosexuality behind, you come to realize that gender confusion and homosexuality is a relational issue, an intimacy disruption,” he offered.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter