California Parents Keep 700 Students Home to Protest Pro-LGBT Elementary Curriculum

Two days after a California school board approved new curriculum that includes LGBT history, parents of more than 700 students kept their children home in protest.

The Rocklin School District Board OK’d the curriculum May 1 by a vote of 3-2, requiring students in kindergarten through fifth grades to learn about the contributions of key LGBT figures in history and social studies curriculum, according to the Sacramento Bee. Rocklin is about one-hour northeast of Sacramento.

A group of parents known as the Informed Parents of Rocklin had urged the board not to include the curriculum in elementary grades.

The board’s action was in response to a new state law requiring schools to include the contributions of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans” in history lessons.

Unlike sex-ed, there is no opt-out for parents in the law.

Parents of more than 700 students kept their children home on May 3, according to Sacramento’s Fox 40.

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Source: Christian Headlines