Backstreet Boy’s Brian Littrell Says Casting Crowns Frontman Mark Hall is ‘an Inspiration in Every Way’

Brian Littrell, a member of the world renowned pop band The Backstreet Boys, says  Casting Crowns frontman Mark Hall has been an inspiration to him in “every way.”

“It’s good to have friends in high places!!!” Hall wrote on an Instagram post on Sunday, along with a photo of a text message conversation between him and Littrell.

In their text messages to each other, which was visible in the photograph, Hall initiated the conversation by contacting the pop superstar because some of his younger friends had asked him who was the most famous person he knew. Hall said it was Littrell but they didn’t believe him so he decided to prove it by sending him a text.

After receiving a response from the Backstreet Boy, Hall wrote, “Much love to you Brian Littrell,” along with the hashtag, “yea I’m friends with a backstreet boy.”

Littrell texted Hall back and said the band is currently on tour in Germany but extended a VIP invite to their Atlanta show for Hall and his friends, who are most likely apart of the Christian leader’s youth ministry in Georgia, if they want to go.

In the comment section of Hall’s Instagram page, Littrell also took the opportunity to publicly express his admiration for the worship artist.

“Love you Mark … Love what you do and how you serve,” Littrell wrote.

“You are an inspiration in every way, both on and off the stage,” he continued.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law