Author and Filmmaker Rebecca Friedlander Says ‘There Is a Need to Discover God’s Definition of Beauty’

Author and filmmaker Rebecca Friedlander. (Image credit: PureFlixInsider)

Author and filmmaker Rebecca Friedlander is on a mission to help culture rediscover the true meaning of beauty, telling “The Pure Flix Podcast” that she believes “there is a need to discover God’s definition of beauty.”

Friedlander set out on a fascinating quest to talk with women around the globe about their views on the matter. Her work resulted in the TV series “Radical Makeovers” — now streaming on, and her recently released book, “Finding Beautiful: Discovering Authentic Beauty around the World.”

Both projects take an entirely counter-cultural look at beauty, with Friedlander looking to the Bible to understand God’s take on the matter.

“There is so much to the definition of beauty in scripture,” she said, noting that she went to Los Angeles, London and Madrid to ask people how they would define beauty and, more importantly, she asked if culture is “defining beauty well for women today.”

“Most said, ‘No,’” Friedlander said. “Skin beauty is not enough for us anymore … we’re all tired of just this plastic, Barbie doll kind idea of beauty. It may be eye candy for a moment, but in reality, that’s not what any of us are looking for.”

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Source: CBN