Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows Grace by ‘Not Pressing Charges’ After Drop-Kick Attack in SA

‘I hope gets his life on the right track,’ said Arnold Schwarzenegger of his assailant. Photograph: Michele Spatari/AFP/Getty Images

Actor sends message of empathy to his assailant after initially failing to notice the flying kick into his back at sports gala

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed he will not be taking legal action after he was attacked at a sports event in South Africa.

Schwarzenegger, 71, responded to concerns for his well-being by posting a message on social media: “A lot of you have asked, but I’m not pressing charges. I hope this was a wake-up call, and [the attacker] gets his life on the right track.”

The actor and former governor of California was filming participants on his mobile phone at the Arnold Classic Africa sports festival in Johannesburg when a bystander launched a drop-kick at his back.

In an earlier post Schwarzenegger had said that he was initially unaware he had been kicked, and thought he had “just [been] jostled by the crowd”. His attacker was quickly subdued by security personnel.

SOURCE: The Guardian – Andrew Pulver