Are You Eating After 8 P.M.? Some Say You Must Have a Death Wish

According to a survey, British people have dinner two hours later than in 1997

As Jerry Seinfeld once demanded incredulously of his elderly parents, “Who eats dinner at 4.30?” It was a joke in the 1990s, when an early dinner became laughable to people who mattered. Early dinners were for the infantile (nursery tea); the infirm (NHS hospital dinners are slopped at 5.30pm so kitchens can close); the very old; northerners; and the working class. There was nothing glamorous about the early bird.

By contrast, the late dinner was rock’n’roll; for those back from Tuscany where “we were the first in the pizzeria at 10pm”; the self-important professionals on the last train; networking dinner parties where no one seems to think of leaving until 1am, for the love of God.

Tony Blair changed some things, but most of all…

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SOURCE: The Times, Helen Rumbelow