Advocates Say Americans Are Unaware of the Dangers of Surrogacy

Americans are ignorant about the dangers of surrogacy and thus remain in favor of it, advocates say, stressing the need for education about the exploitation inherent in the practice.

During a Monday panel at The Heritage Foundation hosted by scholar Ryan Anderson on the casualties of surrogacy, three advocates who believe it constitutes a human rights violation and that it’s particularly harmful to the women whose wombs are rented out in legally contracted pregnancies noted the widespread ignorance about the subject among the general public.

The practice of surrogacy is akin to prostitution in several important ways, noted panelist Melissa Farley, founder of the nonprofit group

, especially the use of obfuscating lingo that both the commercial sex industry and surrogacy agencies employ to manipulate perceptions about what they are actually promoting.

Among the terms women who participate in surrogacy arrangements are referred to are: “an incubator,” “a suitcase,” “a bearer,” “an oven,” or “gestational carrier.”

“This denies her humanity by commodifying her and ignoring the fact that she is a medical patient with a high-risk pregnancy,” Farley asserted during her remarks.

“It’s not buying a baby,” she said, citing the words of one surrogacy lawyer. “It’s buying a receptacle.”

In modern times, proponents for the legal allowance of prostitution, and by extension surrogacy, have been the neoliberals on the political left and the libertarians on the political right; the only groups who voice opposition have been left-wing feminists and traditionalist social conservatives, though, for different reasons, she observed.

“In the United States, surrogacy is not driven like prostitution is as much by race as by class,” Farley said in response to a question from The Christian Post about the money-making motivations of third-party reproductive operators and how they prey on economically disadvantaged and racial minority women.

“It’s a smart marketing ploy on the part of the surrogacy pimps because they don’t want to be seen as a blatant market transaction. So they screen out people who might be poor.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter